Our Company

Welcome to GREEN GAIA SOLUTIONS®, a forefront mandate, facilitator and representative in the trade of petroleum and crude oil commodities such as Diesel D2, D6, JP54, Mazut, AGO, LNG, LPG, Bitumen, Biomass commodities such as Palm Kernel Shell, Carbonized Palm Kernel Shell, Wood Pellet, Rice Husk Pellet,  Torrefied Wood Pellet, Sawdust, Joss Powder,Charcoal, Coconut Charcoal, Coconut Shell, Palm Kernel Cake, Palm Kernel Meal, Palm Kernel Expeller and Agriculture commodities such as Sugar, Dried Chilies, Turmeric, Coriander Seeds, Soybean, Maize and more.

Registered under the laws of Companies Commission of Malaysia , Green Gaia Solutions® (acronym GGS) is a global buyer/seller of bulk commodities (petroleum, biomass and agriculture) with an exclusive core focus in the import and export of petroleum products.Helmed by seasoned professionals  and armed with experience, resources, our own biomass factories, global supply capability and significant strategic partnerships with producers and suppliers, GGS has successfully set its footprint in the global market as a dynamic  and highly capable intermediary and facilitator for petroleum products and also as the leader in biomass and agriculture export.Our scope of business encompasses Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America and Africa. ​

GGS’ Core Business Profile

GGS has built for itself a reputation in providing clients with the ability to respond to their quality needs throughout the world, with the highest possibly standards of services and integrity. Our core business is divided into three main segments; Petroleum products, Biomass and Agricultural commodities.Our versatile and diverse portfolio enables us to operate with major suppliers and buyers worldwide, thus providing our valued clients with the best that the world can supply.

Biomass Commodities  

GREEN GAIA SOLUTIONS® supplies Palm Kernel Shell and Wood Pellets to one of the largest Biomass-Fired Steam Power Plants in South Korea

GGS owns its own biomass factories (wood pellets manufacturing mills and PKS (palm kernel shells) mills in both Malaysia and Indonesia. We also co-own stockpiles of PKS outside our own mill with our Indonesian JV partners. We have long term contracts with power plants in Korea, Thailand and also China in supplying wood pellets and PKS.  Our own wood pellets and PKS come with fresh cut SGS report, Phytosanitary certification and fumigation prior to each shipment.Our other biomass commodities include wood chips, coconut charcoal briquettes, mangrove charcoal, joss powder and sawdust. 

We also specialize in the export of biomass animal feed: PKE (Palm Kernel Expeller), PKM (Palm Kernel Meal) and PKC (Palm Kernel Cake). Our locally produced palm kernel biomass based animal feed is of Grade A quality and is supported by clinical research showing an increase in the weight, milk production and speedy growth of farm animals such as cows, goats, chicken, geese, ducks and etc.GGS provides local logistics services (coverage within Malaysia) with the means of various carriers (freight train and trucks) for the transportation of its biomass commodities. 

Agricultural Commodities

GGS specializes in sugar,spices, RBD oil, dried chilies, fresh turmeric, dried turmeric, soybean, corn and coriander seeds. Our source of agriculture commodities is derived locally from Malaysia and from neighboring countries such as India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. Our commodities are exported overseas to spice factories which produce blended spices, chili and curry powders.GGS provides local logistics services (coverage within Malaysia and the border of Thailand) for the transportation of its agricultural commodities.

Oil and Gas Commodities

GGS serves as an energy intermediary and facilitator to the buying and selling of D2, D6, Jet Fuel, Mazut , AGO, LNG, LPG, Bitumen and Euro 2M Diesel (PETRONAS).

GREEN GAIA SOLUTIONS® IS A REPRESENTATIVE of PETRONAS. We are Mandate to PETRONAS' Authorized To Sell (ATS) Licensed Companies in Malaysia.

PETRONAS, short for Petroliam Nasional Berhad, is a Malaysian oil and gas company that was founded on 17 August 1974. Wholly owned by the Government of Malaysia, the corporation is vested with the entire oil and gas resources in Malaysia and is entrusted with the responsibility of developing and adding value to these resources. PETRONAS is ranked among Fortune Global 500's largest corporations in the world. Fortune ranks PETRONAS as the 75th largest company in the world in 2013. It also ranks PETRONAS as the 12th most profitable company in the world and the most profitable in Asia.

Since its incorporation, PETRONAS has grown to be an integrated international oil and gas company with business interests in 35 countries. As of the end of March 2005, the PETRONAS Group comprised 103 wholly owned subsidiaries, 19 partly owned outfits and 57 associated companies. Together, these companies make the PETRONAS Group, which is involved in various oil and gas based activities. The Financial Times has identified PETRONAS as one of the "new seven sisters": the most influential and mainly state-owned national oil and gas companies from countries outside the OECD.

GREEN GAIA SOLUTIONS® Facilitates Commercial Tank Storages in Malaysia, Russia and the Netherlands

GGS also facilitates in terms of direct relationship to tank storage facilities in Malaysia, Russia and the Netherlands for crude oil and oil products. We provide access to independent, commercial tank storage for small scale buyers/ resellers that do not have contract terms on tank storages. We also liaise very closely with independent lab test laboratories to conduct dip test on buyer's behalf. We have worked extensively with SGS and Saybolt Russia who are the leading authority in petroleum testing.

Besides PETRONAS, GGS also has earned the trust of major Russian, European and the Middle East refineries  to be their mandate representative and facilitator in the trade of oil and gas.

GREEN GAIA SOLUTIONS®  is the authorized SELLER'S MANDATE for D2, JP54 and Mazut for a large Russian Title Holder with tank storages located at Nakhodka, Novorossiysk, Primorsk, Vladivostok, RUSSIA and another large Middle Eastern Title Holder in Dubai and Fujairah, UAE.

For the country of Malaysia, GGS has a joint venture with a local logistics management company to provide land ( Coverage of Origin destination to End destination within Malaysia) and sea transportation (Malaysia and Singapore) services that includes:

Land (within the region of Malaysia only): Haulage services and carriers inclusive of trucks (double and triple axels), freight train and tankers. GGS’ Malaysian logistics company aims to provide an appropriate and customised service package to each client and linking the local Malaysian markets using environmentally friendly, intercontinental and seamless logistics chains. This results in a complex service package covering the entire value chain. 

Sea(Malaysia and Singapore only) : Shipping agency and brokerage, Tug Boat Leasing, Barge Leasing and Bunker Services with customised contracts covering major ports in Malaysia and Singapore. 



GREEN GAIA SOLUTIONS® is a Malaysian incorporated company and duly registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia, a statutory body formed under an Act of Parliament that regulates corporate and business affairs in Malaysia. With an extensive network backed by years of expertise, Green Gaia Solutions is a forefront runner in the trading of oil & gas and supplying biomass locally and for export. Our large global reach has enabled us to link up various buyers/sellers in the oil & gas trade, including majors. We also supply and trade in agricultural produce. We have several biomass mills which we supply large volumes of biomass to factories and government arms. Our joint venture with local and international mills has enable us to provide clients with an integrated supply chain that covers front to back end services; ranging from warehouse storage, freight and logistics, quality assessment, quality control and risk management. Our years of experience dealing with oil & gas and biomass & agriculture commodities has resulted in long term contracts and satisfied clients from private and government agencies.