In today’s technology driven world, forgery and counterfeiting has become a major quandary. Many companies have experienced this predicament where dishonesty has threatened and ruffled up the fluidity of business transactions.

We at Green Gaia Solutions® have always practiced transparency, due diligence and honouring our associates (business partners, independent agents, buyer, seller and clients). For us, information is very powerful and it is an asset that must be protected at all costs.Due to many cases of forgery of confidential and private documents, our Board of Directors has emulated these steps below in the fight against circulation of counterfeit documents by unruly and dishonest parties. We hope that the mitigating steps taken will provide assurance to our valued clients and all parties involved that all necessary Standard Operating Procedures are emulated by Green Gaia Solutions® to prevent illegal circulation of private and confidential information that belongs to us and our associates.


Placing a specially designed and protective QR codes on ALL documentations issued by Green Gaia Solutions®. The scanning of the OR Code on any documents you receive from our Company MUST lead you to our official website at http://www.greengaiasolutions.com.


All our documentations will have a unique and significant watermark.


All our documents will contain a specific email link for further verifications and validations for third parties involved.


If a document that is issued by Green Gaia Solutions® does not contain any of the above, then we believe that it must be a fake document. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for us to assist you in validating the document.