Renewable Densified Fuel pellet (RDF) has an average of 10,500 BTU, which is similar to many common industrial types of coal. Our partner has licensed a patented process that allows wood products and recycled plastic to be made into specialized pellets that can go into many coal-fired or wood-fired furnaces or boilers without any special retrofitting or can be used in boilers designed exclusively for these RDF pellets.

The RDF contains a special plastic component that increases heat efficiency, durability and water resistance. The RDF has approximately 2% moisture, which allows a furnace/boiler to burn at its most optimal efficiency with minimal ash. Augmenting coal with wood pellets have been found to reduce Sulfur Dioxide (So2) and Mercury (Hg) emissions by as much as 28%.

 Renewable Densified Fuel RDF wood pellets:

  • High heat efficiency (10,500 BTU).
  • Water resistant.
  • Durable in transit.
  • Abundant wood supply.

Exclusive license to use patented process.